The School of Microelectronics of Tianjin University was established in September 2015 based on the former School of Electronic Information Engineering. It was independently established in November 2016. It is one of the national demonstration microelectronics schools in the preparation and construction.

Since 2018, the college has been guided by the Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, with the fundamental mission of cultivating people with moral integrity, focusing on the mission and needs of the national integrated circuit industry and talent training, closely focusing on the central mission of the school, combining the opportunities of new engineering construction, and striving to build a first-class A first-class national demonstration microelectronics college supported by disciplines.

Since its independent operation, the structure of the college's teaching staff has become more reasonable, and a high-level innovation team has been initially formed. The disciplinary strength has been continuously enhanced, new first-level disciplines have been established, and it has been approved as a first-class undergraduate major by the country and Tianjin City. Scientific research funding has increased significantly. It has broken through national key R&D projects, provincial and ministerial awards, added a new national "Core Fire" platform, and actively serves industry and area.

1.Teaching staff

There are currently 57 professional teachers, including 20 full-time professors (researchers) and 29 associate professors (associate researchers). The school has 1 academician of the two academies of Singapore, 1 academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, 1 national "distinguished youth", and 1 national millionaire. One person is a leading human talent, 5 are national-level young talents, 5 are new century talents, and 1 is selected into the Tianjin Innovation Team.

2.Disciplines and majors

There are two first-level disciplines: Electronic Science and Technology and Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering. It has established a doctoral program in Electronic Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary doctoral program in Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering, and a doctoral program in Electronic Information. Postdoctoral positions in Electronic Science and Technology are available. stand. Electronic Science and Technology, Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated Systems are all featured majors in the Outstanding Engineer Program and have been approved as national first-class undergraduate major construction sites. In 2019, a seminar on the construction of a national demonstration microelectronics college was held. As the only national demonstration microelectronics college in Tianjin, it radiates and drives the cultivation of microelectronics talents in regional universities.

3.Talent training

Since 2018, the college has trained a total of 1,619 graduates, including 1,014 undergraduates, 530 master's students, and 75 doctoral students. The employment rate is over 98%, the undergraduate further study rate is 65%, and the proportion of people in key areas/industries is 63.86%.

Promote the recruitment and training of undergraduate majors, open Wu Yongshi's elite class, and build a comprehensive training program for undergraduate majors. We have built 8 internship training bases with Huawei, Feiteng and other companies, cooperated on 11 courses, established 3 scholarships, 3 school-enterprise jointly built innovation laboratories, opened school-enterprise joint science and innovation elite classes, and held 39 sessions of Beiyang Micro Telephone lecture hall. It has won honorary titles such as the National Top 100 Outstanding Service Team of Practice Teams, the Tianjin May 4th Red Flag Demonstration Team Branch, and the Tianjin Excellent Social Practice Team. A total of more than 470 scientific and technological innovation awards have been awarded to students at all levels, including the special prize of the 17th "Challenge Cup" National College Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition, the third place in the international track of the China International College Student Innovation Competition 2023, 3 gold medals, and 1 silver medal. , 1 Bronze Award, and more than 60 national awards including the first prize in the Chinese Graduate Student Innovation Competition. 1 excellent doctoral thesis was awarded in Tianjin, 9 excellent dissertations were awarded in Tianjin for engineering graduate students, and 7 outstanding instructors were awarded.

4. Education and teaching

Received 2 second prizes for national teaching achievements and 2 special prizes for Tianjin teaching achievements. It has been approved for 1 national first-class course, 1 outstanding project case for industry-university collaborative education project, and 1 outstanding design case for the first virtual simulation teaching; and has compiled 4 textbooks. 1 national-level new engineering project was approved; 2 Tianjin virtual simulation teaching projects were approved, 2 Tianjin education and teaching reform projects were approved, and 28 industry-university cooperation collaborative education projects were approved; school-level new engineering and education reform projects were approved 34 projects, and was approved to build the "Chip Microsystem+" new engineering talent training platform and the school-level new engineering theme practice platform for intelligent computing chips and systems.

5. Scientific research

From 2018 to March 2024, the college received a total of 265 million yuan in scientific research funding, published 1,005 SCI papers, and obtained 527 authorized patents. It has been approved for 47 national natural funds, including 3 key funds, 1 special fund, and 2 joint funds; it has taken the lead in 4 national key research and development plan projects, 2 young scientist projects, and participated in 29 projects and tasks. Undertaken 4 consulting projects of the Science and Technology Strategy Tianjin Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, with 8 academicians participating. The research results have won 11 scientific and technological awards at the provincial and ministerial level or above, including the China Patent Excellence Award, the First Prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Second Prize of the China Electronics Society Technology Invention Award. Approved to jointly build the Key Laboratory of Organic Integrated Circuits, it owns the Tianjin National Modern Service Industry Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base, the Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Processing Technology (direction one), the Tianjin Key Laboratory of Imaging and Sensing Microelectronics Technology, There are more than 10 teaching, scientific research and talent training platforms including Tianjin Integrated Circuit Design Center.

6.International exchange and cooperation

We have launched joint training projects with KU Leuven in Belgium, University of Edinburgh in the UK, National University of Singapore, Singapore University of Technology and Design, University of Bristol, University College Dublin and other institutions, sending 72 students. He has served 8 times in international academic organizations and 13 times in editorial boards of international journals. Hosted a series of international seminars on microwaves and microsystems for six consecutive years from 2018 to 2023, hosted the International Conference on Field Programmable Technology in 2019, hosted the 13th UK-European-China Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Technology Symposium in 2020, and will host in 2023 The 1st Interdisciplinary International Conference and the 8th Asian Hardware Security and Trust Symposium in 2023.

7. Social services and alumni work

Taking the lead in obtaining the approval of Tianjin National Core Fire Platform and Tianjin Core Fire (Platform) Base, serving more than 100 units in Tianjin. Establish a joint school-enterprise research institution with Feiteng, Huafeng Measurement and Control and other enterprises. Actively participate in the construction of Tianjin University Georgia Tech Shenzhen Characteristic College, Qingdao Ocean Engineering Research Institute, and Hefei Innovation Research Institute to serve regional strategies.

In 2019, the alumni association members and the third Council meeting were held to organize more than 70 alumni activities Alumni Lin Songhua donated 313 million yuan, Angrui Microelectronics Ruixin Microelectronics and other donated scholarships of 660,000 yuan

At present, the college is complying with the national integrated circuit industry strategy and the requirements of "new engineering" construction, aiming at the goal of building a world-class discipline and a first-class national model microelectronics college, vigorously promoting the construction of various undertakings of the college, closely strengthening the cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad in production, education and research, and making every effort to train and deliver a steady stream of outstanding talents for the national integrated circuit industry.

(Data as of March 31, 2024)