Delegation of School of Microelectronics Attended a Seminar on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education in Xi’an
    On May 17, 2018, Professor Kaixue Ma, Dean of the School of Microelectronics, Professional teacher Shihui Yu and counselor Junjie Zong attended a seminar on innovation and entrepreneurship education in Xi 'an Electronic and Engineering University, while at the same time communicate with the deans present at the seminar.

   During the conference, guidance of the ministry of education on the construction of new engineering is mentioned and there was a report on innovation, entrepreneurs and collaborative education from representatives of universities and companies. In the afternoon, there was a President’s exchange of School of Microelectronics and our delegation had a further communication and sharing with the representatives present at the meeting.

   It is reported that this seminar was organized by several exemplary microelectronics colleges and some well-known enterprises in microelectronics industry, aiming at promoting the construction of the demonstration microelectronics college and improving the quality of talents training and teaching level.

By: Liu Jia,School of Microelectronics