School of Microelectronics Class of 1972 alumni reunion held
    In commemoration of 42 years of graduation, 11 graduates of the class of 1972 gathered at their Alma Mater - Tianjin University recently. Dean of the School of Microelectronics Ma Kaixue, vice dean Zhang Zhichao and secretary-general of the Alumni Association, Ma Jingfu attended the reunion party.

At the beginning of the reunion, Ma Kaixue delivered warm welcome to the alumni, and then he stated that the alma mater is home to every alumnus. All alumni are welcome to come back to Tianjin University anytime. Afterwards, Ma Kaixue briefly introduced the development and future plans of the School of Microelectronics,and considered that the school is bound to comply with national requirements so as to accelerate our development. Additionally, he pointed out that alumni are expected to pay close attention to the development of the school and to witness its bright future.

Then, Zhang Zhichao gave a speech on the current development of the school, in which he mentioned that all work was carried out in order after establishment of this new school. What’s more, he said that nowadays opportunities and challenges coexist and alumni are welcome to keep in touch with the school in the future.

After spending a friendly two hours together, the alumni reunion came to an end in the midst of laughter. The School of Microelectronics welcomes every alumnus to come back whenever and be a part of the bright future of our school.

By: Shi Hui,Zhao Xue,School of Microelectronics