Seminar on Neurak Network Promotes Academic Communication 
    On April 13th, 2018, Professor Zhang Qijun, fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and national Thousand Talents Program candidate, delivered a lively lecture to microelectronics-majors. The lecture titled ‘Neural networks and their application in high-frequency electronic design’, was mainly targeted at juniors, seniors and graduates of the school of microelectronics.

   To begin with, Prof. Zhang briefly elaborated on circuit design in the early days of electronic computing. Over time, the addition of more and more components made it difficult and time-consuming to design complex systems. Thus, computer-aided design was developed. As the inventor who combined neural networks with high-frequency electronic design, Prof. Zhang demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency of his independent-design system named NeuroModeler.

The lecture was widely praised by students and the related technical problems of neural network were intensely discussed with Prof. Zhang at the end of the lecture.


By: Liu JiaZhao XueSchool of Microelectronics