Three Scientific and Technological Achievements of School of Microelectronics have been Awarded which Achieve the Zero Break -through in the Provincial Level Awards

     Recently, Tianjin Science and Technology Awards Conference and the 14th China Electronic Information Technology Conference were held in Tianjin and Hefei respectively. Three professors of School of Microelectronics won three awards, which are the First prize of Tianjin Science and Technology Progress, China Electronics Society, the Second Prize of Natural Science and the Second Prize of Technical Invention of China Electronics Society. These three awards achieved zero breakthrough in the provincial level science and technology awards.

On April 10th, Tianjin Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Tianjin Auditorium to honor the winners of the 2018 Tianjin Science and Technology Awards. The Research and Application of Key Technologies for High-Performance CMOS Imaging Chips hosted by Professor Xu Jiangtao won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award. Professor Xu Jiangtao's team proposed the theory of low-light level imaging in the field of imaging chips; it broke through key technologies such as time-delay integrated imaging, large dynamic range pixels, and high-precision circuits; and realized a variety of image sensor chips with international level. It is reported that the results have obtained 2 US invention patents, 22 Chinese invention patents, and 12 integrated circuit layout designs. The results of the appraisal opinion that the project the overall technology of research results has reached the international leading level and the related results have been industrialized, which achieved significant economic and social benefits。

On April 20-21, the 14th China Electronic Information Technology Conference was held in Hefei, Anhui Province. The academic exchange, technical seminars and achievements transformation, exhibition and 2018 China Electronics Society were held under the theme of Smart Network and Future. Led by Professor Ma Kaixue, the Theory and Mechanism of Separated Electronic and Magnetic Coupling Paths (SEMCP) participated by South China University of Technology and Southeast University won the second prize of the Natural Science Award of the Institute of Electronics. Professor Ma Kaixue's innovative electronic and magnetic coupling separation control theory and circuit design method provide theoretical guidance and new ideas for the design of hybrid filters. The expert opinion appraises "the theory is innovative, the method is effective, the approach is correct, the application effect is obvious, and the whole has reached the international advanced level. This new topology of elliptic function filter is proposed for the first time in the world."

The Integrated Dielectric Components and New Dielectric Materials with High Performance hosted by Professor Li Lingxia won the second prize of the Technical Invention of the Chinese Institute of Electronics. Integrated dielectric components are passive components with high-performance dielectric materials as the core. They have important application prospects in military and civilian fields such as aerospace, electronic countermeasures, mobile communications and automotive electronics, which play a crucial and central role in the national major strategy. The Institute of Electronic Materials and Components of Tianjin University led by Professor Li Lingxia has undertaken more than 50 high-level scientific research projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, Military Equipment, and 863 Program, authorizing 91 invention patents and publishing 203 high-level SCI papers. The products developed in this project have greatly improved the upper limit working temperature, filtering performance and tuning characteristic of integrated components, which have been applied in key projects to reach the international advanced level.

Since its establishment, School of Microelectronics has attached great importance to the development of discipline construction, thoroughly implemented the spirit of the third scientific and technological work conference, actively arranged important scientific research directions, focused on national needs and the world frontier, took root in the main battlefield of the national economy, and created a good atmosphere for scientific research. The overall scientific and technological innovation ability of the college has achieved initial success.

By Sun Rui School of Microelectronics