Zhang Fengbao Investigates Planned 20th Teaching Building Renovations
   On June 7th, Vice President Zhang Fengbao went to the School of Microelectronics and conducted field research to examine the plans for reconstruction of the 20th teaching building on the Weijin Road Campus. Director of the Infrastructure Planning Office Min Ke and Deputy Commissioner Gao Feng, Associate Dean Song Kun of the School of Architecture, and related personnel from the Main Construction Department, School of Architecture participated in the meeting. Yang Jinsheng, Party Secretary of the School of Microelectronics, and Ma Kaixue, Director of the School of Microelectronics and other party members of the school also participated in the conference and introduced and reported on the preparation and design plans for the renovation project.

   Zhang Fengbao inspected the current situation of the interior and exterior environment and structure of the building, listened to the reform design plan, adjusted the functional zoning and other important parts of the renovation plans including, the project cost estimate, etc.. He specifically inquired about the corresponding problems and difficulties, and gave specific guidance and focus on deployment.

   Zhang Fengbao pointed out that multiple university undertakings are in a period of rapid development, and the School of microelectronics has undertaken the major mission of building a national demonstration microelectronics college. It is necessary to combine the future development needs of the colleges and disciplines, and scientifically, rationally, and meticulously make renovation design projects; the 20th building renovation project directly affects the overall layout of the Weijin Road campus's running space. It is necessary to combine work requirements and work processes, and strengthening the quality with multi-sectoral collaboration, and accelerating the progress in accordance with the project plan. After putting into use, it is necessary to strengthen building management and provide a good learning environment for teachers and students.


By: School of Microelectronics