On April 2, Dr. Marc Van Aken and Dr. Veerle Bloemen from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in Belgium visited Tianjin University to introduce the Undergraduate “2+2” Co-cultivation Project. Secretary of the Party Committee Yang Jinsheng, Vice President Liu Qiang, and Counselor Yin Ming from the School of Microelectronics attended this event. Freshmen and sophomores from the School of Microelectronics, the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, and the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, about 40 in total, participated in the lectures and interviews.
  During the lecture, Yang Jinsheng extended a warm welcome to the representatives of KU Leuven and expressed a desire for further cooperation with KU Leuven in the future and to upgrade the internationalization of the school. At the same time, he introduced to students to KU Leuven and the co-cultivation project, encouraging them to cherish the time and study hard, to shape themselves into qualified people who uphold a national identity, global perspective, innovative spirit and practical abilities. 
Afterwards, Dr. Marc Van Aken and Dr. Veerle Bloemen from KU Leuven introduced the history, teaching concepts, majors, the admission process, and innovative scientific research projects of KU Leuven. They also warmly invited students from Tianjin University to apply to KU Leuven. Finally, students asked questions about scholarships and some other problems they may encounter while studying in KU Leuven and professors answered in detail. 
After the lecture, representatives of KU Leuven interviewed the five scholarship applicants and more students signed up for the co-cultivation project. Those who passed the interview, after completing two years’ study in Tianjin University, will then transfer to KU Leuven to study the other two years’ courses. After completing the credits, those qualified will receive a bachelor's degree from Tianjin University in addition to a bachelor's degree from KU Leuven. Students were enthusiastic about this event. 

  KU Leuven, established in 1425, situated in Leuven, 20 km from Brussels, Belgium, is the largest and oldest university in Belgium. In the past 50 years, KU Leuven has consistently ranked in the top 50 universities in the world, and was assessed as the most innovative university in Europe by Reuters. KU Leuven also possesses a leading position in research on semiconductor, microelectronics and nanotechnology, electrical and electronic engineering, bioinformatics, and biostatistics throughout the world.

By: Yin Ming, Xu Yitong, School of Microelectronics