The conference will be held in the second meeting room of the 26th floor, district D, on the afternoon of September 27th.

Deputy party secretary Yang jinsheng attended the meeting. Lu li, deputy party secretary of the party committee, presided over the meeting.


First, lu li, deputy party secretary of the party committee, introduced the establishment background of the junior faculty association of the microelectronics college and the preparation and voting results of the first council list.

Then, the first director liu director, secretary general Zhao Xue, on behalf of the cloud width, ZongJunJie spokesman said, will be in accordance with the purpose of the young teachers association and articles of association to fulfill its duties and obligations, enhance the hero's sense of responsibility, solidarity members, concise requirement, build platform, actively carry out activities, arouse the enthusiasm of people, really play the role of young teachers association.


Finally, vice secretary of party committee jin-sheng Yang speech pointed out that the development of young teachers is that schools hope and future, young teachers association the aim is to contact feelings, enhance friendship, help each other, integrate resources, promote cooperation, mutual promotion, strive for life in teaching, scientific research, and so on various aspects to provide value-added services for everyone.

Association will be for young teachers in teaching and research on building interdisciplinary platform for the exchange and cooperation, in the life each style interests inspire young teachers, in the service of the construction of "double top".

Secretary Yang congratulated the establishment of the youth teachers' association and thanked the young teachers for their efforts.